International Elective Program

medical student elective


Acupuncture Education International, Inc. is dedicated to promoting the education, clinical application, and research in acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine in North America by organizing "Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine Elective" to the World Health Organization designated training center in Beijing, China.  This elective is designed to fit into American medical school’s curriculum, yet it is also open to dental students, nursing students, physical therapy students and all other healthcare professionals.


Through eleven years of collaboration with physicians and educators in China, we are very confident that this international exchange will undoubtedly help more and more healthcare professionals become open to this unique medical paradigm, sensitive to their patients’ cultural and medical beliefs, and therefore motivated to integrate acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine into their clinical practice.


Jun James Mao, MD
President and Course Director
Acupuncture Education International, Inc.

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